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Can I substitute capacitance on replacement capacitors? Answered

I am trying to fix an IBM LCD monitor and even though I took electronics in high school and have replaces caps before I am not up on electronics enough to make design decisions. So, I would like to know or double check what an electronic supply store person told me which is that a 820uf 25v capacitor is replaceable with a 1000uf 25v capacitor. If the circuit being used on has an impact, these 3 caps sit on what  appears to be on or directly related to the power supply circuit as it is on the board that the power connector and transformer sits on.



5 months ago

Can I substitute from 470muf 25v capacitor to 470muf 16 volt??

Hello, I'm trying to fix my Acer LCD Monitor.
two capacitors were busted, and I cant find any replacements on electronic shops nearby..
Can I substitute the busted capacitors 150uF 25V with a 220uF 25V??..
The busted caps are on the power supply board on the LCD Monitor..

Trying to replace capacitors in my Samsung TV - Can someone please verify I have sufficient replacements for the following 2 caps:

Original --- Replacement:

1. 470uf/10v/105° --- 470uf/25v/105°

2. 1000uf/25v/105° --- 820uf/25v/105°

In a power supply the 1000 uf cap would probably be a good sub for the 820.

I heard it said you can go up in voltage rating also but can you do both. Say a 1000uf 35v cap. Also I have found some locally that are 80 degrees. does the temp. have to be the same at the original which I think are105? Thanks for such a quick reply to all, this was awesome.

Electrolytic capacitors are sensitive to heat. If you had 105 degree rated caps before and you replace them with 80 degree caps those new caps will not last very long. Over time the electrolytic material in the cap dries out. This happens much faster if the cap is in a very hot environment. Caps that are rated for higher temps are made to withstand hotter environments and last in those environments. So when i doubt always go with higher values.

I'd always replace the same temperature rating.

As a general rule you can always go up to the next highest capacitance rating as long as the voltage tolerance is the same or better.