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Can I take my laptop screen off, turn it around and reassemble it? Looking to have the screen face backwards.? Answered

I have an old laptop and the keyboard is terrible. I would like to reverse the screen so when I close the laptop the monitor faces up. Then I can mount it and add a functioning keyboard.


Asa J

9 years ago

I agree with andy, the cable is the problem. My compac doesn't have a ribbon cable and would be able to twist, but its just too short. Maybe the dudes in radioshack would be able to rummage up the parts to make a longer cable. that reminds me, i was going to check that out.

My experience with laptop screens is that they are hard enough reassemble the right way around, let alone reversed!
I think the main problem would be that usually there is a wide ribbon cable going from the base to the screen. You would not be able to twist this.
An easier way might be to disconnect the existing keyboard by opening up the unit and unplugging the connector, then attaching a compact keyboard like this over it. You can usually pick these up for a very few pounds (or dollars).