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Can I transfer my ATT tower phone to work on Verizon towers? Answered

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Precedent on ebay. It's the 828C so it's supposed to work on verizon towers because it's a cdma. When I called Straight Talk to transfer my number they said that I couldn't do it because it is programmed to use Att towers. Anyway around this?


If it has the ATT logo on it then probably not. ATT and Verizon work on 2 different systems that require a specific chip to be install in the phone. Some phone come with both chips in them but i can't find any specific data on which chip your phone has. If the cell provider said they couldn't help then it likely only has the ATT chip and there is nothing you can do to transfer it to Verizon.

It has a Trac Phone symbol on it. Do I need to take the back off or something? Thanks

It was built to be on one network and there isn't anything you can do to have it changed over to a different network. If you want to use the phone you will need to use it as a Trac Phone. But if it is compatible with AT&Ts network then sign up with them.

I want to change from Tracfone service to Consumer Cellular. Will I lose my internet browsing capability if I unlock it? I want to give it consumer cellular's data plan. Also can I use the same SIM card?

You will have to talk to the carrier. If the phone is compatible with there network then you should be able to get data from them as well.