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Can I turn a cantilever brake bike into a disc brake bike? Answered

I want to put disc brakes onto my bike because my other brakes are going bad. Disc brakes are also more effective at stopping you in bad weather.



My brother converted his linear-pull brake bike to run with disc brakes. Depending on the bike, You'll need:

1) Disc brake mounts on the frame and fork.

2) New wheels/hubs, ones that have the threaded holes for mounting a disc. The bike shop I work at sells a wheel like this for about 50 dollars.

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you should be carefull, older bikes that weren't designed to be fitted with disc brakes may not handle the added stress; and also you should check for clearance( does the disc scratch on the frame/ fork when the wheel is tightened?)

my Merida has mountings alread welded on the fork and seatstays.
ready to go. check on your bike

Is there a kit I could buy to " retrofit " disc brakes onto it or would I have to make it fit?

Are you looking for where to buy, what type of wheels do you have, how much do you want to spend?