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Can I turn my skateboard into a shlongboard? Answered

If I were to cut my skateboard into a mini-longboard shape, bought longboard trucks and wheels, drilled new holes in the "shlongboard" deck, put the trucks and wheels in, would it work as a mini-longboard? I measured it, and if I made a kicktail board it would be about 25 inches long... 8 inches wide. Yes? No? This would be purely for riding around my neighborhood.
Would it work or not, and why? Could I make it work by doing it differently?

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Japper1 (author)2012-07-17

if youre still wondering, mine works great that i just made. after doing a whole paint and varnish job, i drilled holes in the kicktails and put the trucks on. I didn't cut it though because i felt that the trucks would be too far out.

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lgulbrandsen (author)2011-08-16

Yea, it would definatly work :) But only to cruise around with, its no longer good to go for tricks xD

But yeah, there are actually many people that does it!

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