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Can I use a 50w 12v halogen bulb instead of LEDS on this cirucit? Answered

I have Made this circuit (in the link  and pic) with one LED, It works great and its one of the best instructables I seenand built, mainly because its easy, simple and has a nice outcome. (the pic is not mine, its motadacruz's)

I would like to know if I could use this with a 50w halogen bulb?, providing I supply another wattage and voltage.





Not without some serious heatsinking of the transistor, and possibly uprating the transistor used.  Halogen lamps do not like being modulated like this

Ive been reading the data sheets it says The TIP 31C can handle 40w? and just to double check this is a product i am describing.

There's no problem driving that, you SAID you wanted to drive a 50W halogen lamp originally.

Its the closest I could find to a 50w halogen bulb!, i just wonder if it is bright enough?  I was thinking if I could split the load beetween some TIP 31C's? as I have already ordered the lighting transformer....before I published this. oops!

Try the LED lamp. It will be more responsive to sound than the halogen lamp, and you can put 10 of 'em in the same circuit.

A halogen lamp needs a different transistor, or a different circuit to drive it. You could look at a 2N3055 instead, but it MUST be on a substantial heatsink.


...not enough, and Ic max = 3A, this thing'll pull 4+

Its going ti struggle !

You're not going to get the same response from a halogen bulb. The heat-up/cool down time is significant, so you'd want fairly low-frequency on/off switching.
And for on/off switching you might think about a relay between the 12V and the transistor.


Thanks for your comment, I thought that after I wrote that....I have some lighting cans which use them and they do not have very good response unless warmed up.