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Can I use a antec power supply to make a lab power supply like the atx ones? Answered

I have an antec power supply and wont to make a lab power supply like the ones made with atx



Best Answer 6 years ago

Antec is a brand name. If what you have powered a PC, then most likely it is an ATX type power supply.
Check the model number on your unit with the manufacturers web site to determine exactly what kind of PS it is.

It is a 350 watt and the model is SL350

I looked it up and it does say atx. Is the wiring the same for all atx power supplies and if not where could i get the layout for the color code?

ATX is an industry standard. If it is designated ATX, then the wiring color code will be the same as any other brand PSU designated ATX.

Thanks for the help

Since your question is vague, I'll guess you have Antec PSU.
Is is ATX or don't you know, or is it not ATX, so what is it?