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Can I use a cheap lamp to get this video projector to work? Answered

I paid $20 for this at a store called Thing in Brooklyn, it turns on but the lamp never worked. It is a Sony VPL-V500. Can I somehow stick a small lamp in this space and plug it in separately? Any help is appreciated. The replacement lamp is $300, way to much for my wallet.


Yess althhough you may / will find the image is not as good as it otherwise would be.

I'm going to knock this lamp out of the case and just put a another lamp w/socket/cord in it's place. I'll drill a hole on the side and just plug it in separately.

I used a 12v Halogen lawn lamp with a silver reflector. It worked fine in an old 8mm movie projector ( the original replacement bulb for it costs about $200 ! ).