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Can I use a sharpee pen for my stencil on transparancy paper? Answered

I want to screen print a black and white image, but my copier wont copy transparancy paper. Can I use a sharpee pen to trace the image on the transparancy paper instead?



8 years ago

It won't? Not even with special transparency paper designed for copiers?

I don't see why not. Print the image on regular paper. Tape the paper print to your desk or a clipboard or something so that it doesn't move. Tape the transparency in place on top of that and start tracing. A dry-erase marker can be used to remove mistakes... just draw over the boo-boo with the dry-erase and then wipe off. By the way, you can get transparencies for inkjet printers or transparencies for laser printers. You have to buy the right kind for your machine. Your local office supply store should have both if they've got a decent selection.