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Can I use a smart charger to charge non high drain batteries? Answered

On all the airsoft smart chargers I have looked at, they all say you can only charge high drain batteries. My battery doesn't really specify whether it is high drain or not. It doesn't make sense to not be able to charge it with a smart charger if it is not high drain. My battery is 8.4 volt 1600 mah stick type.


The charger you linked to can charge the battery you mentioned. In fact it is designed to. Set it to 0.9 amps and you should be set.

What kind of smart charger are you going to get? Most of them have switches that you can choose which rate it's sending in electricity. (i.e. 0.8amps, or 1.8 amps, etc) It also depends which chemistry your battery is. Like NiMh, or NiCd (nicad), probably not lifi or lipo if its 8.4. NiMh batteries dont need to be discharged before re-charging, unlike NiCd batteries. Anyways, your battery will almost certainly be able to hold up to 2 amps and below. Which smart charger were you going to get?

What makes a charger "smart" is that it understands the power curve of the batteries, and knows exactly how hard it can push them without damaging them or itself.

Given the hazards of explosion or metal fire, I *really* don't recommend trying to homebrew fast chargers for NiMH or Lithium batteries. I've looked at the specifications for those; they're scary.

I'm not planning to make a charger. I just want to know if it is okay to charge batteries that are not high drain with a smart charger.