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Can I use an office chair as a virtual carousel horse ride? Answered

My daughter loves carousels, so I want to try to make a unique ride for my daughter. I was thinking of taking the chair top/seat off of an office chair, and mounting it on a machine that makes the chair go up and down slowly 2-3 inches in height, kinda like a carousel horse would.  How can I make a chair go up and down like that?


A simple way to do this would be a crank shaft from an engine. You would need to fabricate some kind of guide to keep the chair upright. Actual carousels use something similar to a crankshaft but have it positioned above the rider

If it were me, I'd have a board with a pole going through it.. to offer a
seat, and something to hold onto (and/or be belted to). Then I'd
suspend the system in the air, like a swing, counter the weight of the
"horse" plus rider with a counterweight system, and then scale up a "flying crank ghost" system
(google it).

You won't be bale to get the chair to do that without lifting the child off the chair to allow it to go up again. You'll have to go with something a bit more complicated than an office chair.

Use Hydraulics or an air piston setup. Or do like an actual carousel does. Use a motor, gears and chains.

Yeah, I do want the chair to be able to go up and down while my daughter is sitting on it. How could I do that? Could you tell me what kind of part I would need to make something (The chair/seat, for example) go gently up and down?