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Can I use my Sony Ericsson mobile phone as a secondary screen for Windows XP?? Answered

 I like the idea of having a secondary screen for displaying stuff like twitter updates, new emails or just random photos from flickr. I have a Sony Ericsson k530i with a tiny screen that I connect to my Windows XP using Bluetooth or cable.
Can I use this tiny screen to act as a secondary screen. Any software etc for this purpose?

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frollard (author)2009-12-11

live video screen?  you'll have a hard time with that one...

if its capable of vnc or some other desktop virtualization software, then it might be possible to convince the computer to have a virtual screen...


you could build a webserver on your computer, and a script that updates a simple webpage frequently (twitter updates, etc) that self-refreshes...you should be able to connect http via bluetooth.

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Sandisk1duo (author)2009-12-11

I googled it...

there doesn't seem to be any way of making your phone a secondary monitor...

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