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Can I use regular bike wheels as training wheels on a regular bike for an adult with autism who wants to learn to ride? Answered



I mostly agree with wknfu, I am a special needs teacher of children with moderate-severe autism and at my school we usually go from:
1. 3/4 wheeled bikes (inc training wheels)      :- Skills like braking/pedalling
2. 2 wheeled Bikes with pedals/cranks removed   :- Skills like balancing
3. 2 wheeled bikes with pedals/cranks attached

The main problem with using training wheels then straight to removing them on a normal bike is that people mainly stop a bike from falling over not by balancing their torso, but by turning the handle bars. So if you take off the pedals/crank, then the rider can learn this with the security of their feet close to the ground since there are no pedals to get in the way.

I've attached a pic of a table I've made for my school which I use to remind myself the skills needed at each stage. It is a work in progress so please do not treat it as scripture. The way you use the table is start at the top left and each cell of skills needs to be obtained before moving right to the next stage. The Feet/Arms/General body are not usually achieved in that order but each skill in that body part's cell usually flows from one to the next. (i.e. So all the Stage 2 skills need to be obtained before moving to stage 3 but they can be achieved in any order).

I hope this helps


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8 years ago

some  reccommend that the crank and chain is removed instead of adding stablisers. the theory is to get to learn to balance (like a hobby horse) first then learn to pedal. if you ddecide to take this course, remember to remove the spindle from the bottom bracket as well, it may snag legs. 

Using full size wheels might be a bit clumsy, using a couple of wheels off a kids bike might work well, and get some brackets made up to attach them like standard stabilizers.

Alternatively using a trike might be easier, though if you want them to have a standard bike after learning then stabilizers make the most sense, the wheels off of a kiddy bike would be an okay size for it, you'd just need to make a pair of arms to hold them, then you'd be set.

If you do make them, do make an 'ible on it...

Well,it might be easier to just use a trike, but I suppose regular wheels could be used as training wheels, if you can figure out how to attach them.