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Can I use teeny jam jars for candles? Answered

Ive got some teeny 'wilkin and sons' glass jam jars and think they would make really cute candles. though im wondering if they would be too small to be safe.
i would most likely use a soy wax as it burns at a lower temperature and maybe a thin wick to keep the flame small. the jars are about the size of a tea light (though the opening wont allow to fit one of those in).

anyone got any tips?


I did a similar instructable on what you are talking about. I have had no problems at all.

Glass is not flammable, so the answer to your question is yes. It is safe to use those for candles. Interestingly, most non flammable materials have been treated with fire at some point as it is the case with glass. Like the Kiteman said, don't forget to take pictures and post your project!

I'd can't imagine that there'd be any problems with using them for making candles. I mean, jars can usually withstand heat pretty well (canning, candles etc) anyway, so I'd say you'll be fine.

If you're worried though, you could always place one of the jars on a heatproof mat to test it before making others just to put your mind at ease :)

(Oh, and don't forget to take photos as you go, and post an instructable!)