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Can I work on a TV without discharging the CRT? Answered

I have a TV that is in a place where the remote will not work (Dont ask its complicated lol) and I want to rewire the ON/OFF switch on it so that it will be like a foot or two away from the tv. Do I have to discharge the CRT on it before I work on the ON/OFF switch which is only attached by wires to the CRT and flyback transformer circuit. Could I just wear some thick rubber gloves to work on this because Ive never discharged a CRT before and have no interest in doing so.


Could this kill a 16 year old?

NVM I think im just gonan rewire the IR emiter so the the tv receives it past the plexiglass wall, but thanks anyway!

wynaut ? if you keep away enough from the hv cable youre ok. the high voltage in most tvs wont jump over +- 90 mm capacitors in the board (which may go to the switch you are rewiring too) are nasty but not nearly as dangerous. dont touch the 2 wires (or one and ground) at the same time and you are ok

why dont you just move the infrared sensor to a more usable location. That way you can still use the remote.

You suggesting making an on/off which only cuts the tube, leaving the rest of the TV on? You've be better off bypassing the remote-on off - see if you can find a wiring diagram for the TV? L

. While it would definitely be best to discharge the tube any time you expose the wiring, if you don't have any experience discharging a CRT, you're likely to do more harm (possibly to yourself) than good.
. You should be able to get to the power switch without getting too close to the CRT or HV wiring (looks very similar to an automotive spark plug wire between the CRT and HV transformer). Stay at least six inches away from them and you should be OK. Rubber gloves will help, but would have to be pretty thick to do a lot of good at the 10s of KV potential.
. Since you had sense enough to ask about the CRT, I'm sure you'll remember to unplug the TV before doing any work.