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Can Internet be shared over a Usb ethernet adapter? Answered

Can Internet be shared over a Usb ethernet adapter?
I got 'Enter E-100 U' Usb ethernet adaper which I bought wen my network card of my pc had some problems, but now it is repaired n nw I dnt need it. I hv another laptop, which dsnt hv internet connectn, but my PC does. Is ther any way by which Internt connectn from my pc cn be shared over usb-ethernet adaptr to my laptop.

Specific Details:
My PC has Internt connectn thru a ethernt port only.


If both computers now have spare network sockets (the usb ethernet adapter or built in) you CAN connect them directly using a network cross over cable (easy to make). Then you can share the internet using internet connection sharing (if running windows). Let me know if you want help setting it up.

i do want the help......Can a connectn as descrbd in follown diag be dn....


There is no reason for this setup not to work. First get your ethernet to ethernet working as a network. Depending on the age of your network adapters, you may need a utp crossover cable... modern ethernet adapters will work out what cable you are using and just work (even with a standard utp cable). When you plug your network cable between the two devices do the network adapter lights light up?

Can you let me know what operating systems you are running on your PC/laptop. Are you familiar with the networking properties and how to get to them? Can you also please let me know what IP address your modem gives your PC (is it a public IP or private IP - private IP ranges are 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x or to - run a command prompt and run the command ipconfig and let me know your IP address.

Are you sure that your usb ethernet adapter works?

Which windows XP, Vista, 7, 8? Anyway, that range 10.x.x.x makes things easier.

With the USB adapter plugged into your PC, go to your network and internet settings under control panel... and network and sharing center (these names may be different depending your version of Windows I'll assume 8 until you tell me what you have).

Click on "change adapter settings" double click on your ethernet cable (that is connected to your internet)... go to the sharing tab... and under Internet Connection Sharing check the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection" box. Depending on your setup you may need to sellect which adapter the internet is shared to... in this case select the USB ethernet adapter. This hopefully will then set up a DHCP server (giving out IP addresses) running on your USB ethernet adapter... then your laptop should get an IP address from your PC with the PC sharing the internet from the modem.

I would imagine we will need to troubleshoot this setup depending on your OS... so let me know where you get to :)

well, i was thnkn whethr thr was a fancy way f doin ths like usin cmd n all to kind f impress othrs...

If you want to impress then you could try going one more step and setting your laptop (if it has wifi & windows 7 or above) as a wireless access point then sharing internet wirelessly.

Drop into an administrative command prompt...

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=APNAME key=APKEY

Where APNAME is your desired wireless network name and APKEY is the passkey.

From then on, whenever you want your virtual access point to run... you could simply run an admin cmd file with the following command...

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

You then sharing your LAN network to your hosted wifi network :)

n i hv ethrnt cables...wd rj45 jack... usd in ethrnet ports...if needed


3 years ago

You need to have a router with a built in switch or if you already have a single port router then you need a stand alone switch. Each computer plugs into the switch, the router directs the flow of information and assigns network addresses so the information knows where to go. You can't plug the two computers directly together. it will burn out the network cards and if that didn't happen there would be nothing controling the information flow so it would go nowhere.

hmmm...... but s thr any possble use f ths usb-ethrnt adaptr