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Can a board be bypassed? Answered

My sewing machine (a Pfaff 1171) dies after about 10 minutes. When I push on the peddle again, there is nothing... no hum - absolutely nothing. The light stays on.  Wait fifteen minutes or so, and it runs just fine...only to repeat the cycle.  Turning the wheel doesn't change the electrical situation.  It's almost as though a fuse is blowing and then resetting itself.

I took it into the shop, and the verdict is that it's either the peddle (unlikely) or the board inside.  The board is no longer made.  If I turn the wheel, everything works... forwards, backwards, stitches and all that.  It's a great machine mechanically,  and I hate to lose it because of some glitch on a board.  Is there any way that a board could be bypassed?  I can survive without a bobbin sensor and being able to set whether the machine stops with the needle up or down.


Thank you! This is exactly what I've needed.


4 years ago

All of you are correct. My machine is scrap metal because of an electronic glitch. Just bought a 1958 purely mechanical machine.

The 'board' is what controls the motor. Without that motor driver board you don't have a motor. Now there may be an actual problem with the board or it may just be overheating. Try placing a fan blowing along the table and run the machine. If it last longer before stopping then you know it's overheating and may need to have a heat sync added/replaced.

If you ident a part of the board that heats up .
You may want to use a low cost aquarium air pump
and some hose aimed at the board area causing the waits :-)