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Can a cracked guitar neck be fixed? Answered

Hi, I finally signed to Instructables. :) My colleague is a big DIY guy and that's how I came across Instructables. Today, while searching for something I came across homemade recipes for musical instruments and that really hooked me on. Especially the one on turning an 6-string acoustic to bass acc. :)

I had tried learning the guitar but didn't want to spend too much on the instrument, so I bought a second hand one from a garage sale (proceeds were for the city's stray dogs - so for me it was a bit of a win-win...almost :) )
What I realised much later is that:
1) The wood under two of the tuners (on the under/ventral side of the guitar) has splinters
2) One of these tuners has lost a fastening screw because the hole in the wood has widened and splintered a bit
3) the base of neck, just before the curve block that connects to the box, has a 1-2mm crack running across it (horizontally)

Question is, can these issues be fixed so that a beginner like myself or someone who really doesnt have the money to own a guitar but wants to learn can still use it for some time? I never found the time to go to a music shop to have it checked. I also feel they will probably turn me away because they are more interested in selling guitars than fixing them. I really dont want to just throw it away. Second hand it may be, it just doesn't feel right...

Your inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S.: Am at work right now but I will try and post images of the guitar as soon as I can. I had taken photographs of it a looong time ago.

As a result, tuning goes off every now and again. On a colder day, tension increases and the crack widens.

Update: Terribly sorry for the delay in uploading the pictures. I had a set that I had taken a year or so ago but I seem to have deleted them. Just got some time off work, here are the pictures. The crack, which I had earlier described as horizontal, is in fact, vertical. So much for my memory...

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uk_guitar_08 (author)2017-05-23

is this fixed? I too have the same problem with my Givson guitar. The break on the neck is identical to the pic displayed here. how did you fixed it? Could you please suggest?

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aristarkhos (author)2012-02-18

Thank you, gmoon. Will check the website you shared.
And I finally uploaded the pictures. :)

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gmoon (author)aristarkhos2012-02-19

Givson, eh? LOL. Yep, that's certainly repairable. You can drill out the stripped holes in the headstock, glue in some dowels, and redrill for the tuners. Doesn't look to be an splitting on the headstock..you can reinforce the area now with glue / wood dust.

I've got an old Framus archtop that needed a neck heel repair (pics). That's a very common place to have a break. The neck split (mostly) at a glue.

Note that the actual repair was done by someone else, and my efforts were mostly cleaning up their sloppy job. It actually looks better in person than the photos. The glue joint was originally filled with a white urethane glue, which I removed and filled.

The repair was done by removing a fret marker on the finger board, drilling a hole into the heel, and driving a screw through the break. I'm not advocating this approach. But I was stuck with it. And it might work without removing the neck (the frets.com site has detailed instructions how to do that...)

I've not finished the repair yet, unfortunately (WAY too many projects/toys). I need to fit the neck, replace the dot, and add some tuning machines.

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gmoon (author)2012-02-16

Just about anything can be repaired...checkout the Frets website, there are dozens of documented repairs.

Definitely worth a look for the techniques he's used.

Your problem might be fairly simple. Yes, pics would help.

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Kiteman (author)2012-02-16

Without seeing the images, and because it was "only" a garage sale guitar, I would be inclined to inject wood glue into the cracks and splinters, bind or clamp it tightly for 24 hours and then see how it goes.

But, I also suggest you wait until others have seen the images, since you might have managed to buy something special without knowing.

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aristarkhos (author)Kiteman2012-02-16

Thank you for your suggestions, Kiteman. Will up the images tonight.

PS: Seriously doubt it's something special. :)

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