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Can a guitar pickup bobbin be made of something other than plastic or wood, such as a non magnetic metal? Answered


why dont you just make or use a plastic bobbin anyway??? youd only make your life way harder...jayp909


8 years ago

These people don't no sh*t lol!!!
there is no physical danger to you what so ever!

BUT if a electrically conductive material is used as a bobbin then eddy currents will be induced into the bobbin by the moving magnetic lines of force!
This will have an affect on the sound of the pickup and this is why all pickups are made of non-conductive materials.
(this is why humbuckers with metal cover sound so different!)
dont quote me but i think that the eddy currents make a small magnetic field in the apposed direction (due to the induced electricity) to the moving magnetic field therefor making the field weaker!

piezo electric crystals are non magnetic. if you get two bit of quartz and smack them together at night you will see a little flash!   there is a small crystal and the vibrations compress it producing a very small voltage difference. A pre-amp must be used to amplify this signal!

If you make an electric guitar pickup (the one with coils of wire) without a magnet then it simple will not work! In some pickups only a magnet is used with no soft iron poles (alnico magnets). the reason why soft iron poles are used is to strengthen the magnetic field on pickups that have the magnet on the bottom of the pickup.(usually ceramic mags)

i was going to try this but never got around to it!

You don't always need a bobbin. Bonding wire allows you to bake so called air coils. This company approaches pickup building like this: http://www.q-tuner.com

That depends on what type of pick up it is.
If it is acoustic pick that resides within a wooden bridge it may appear to be made of wood when it is however made it is something close to a pressure censer made of crystal. This is called a piezoelectric pick up. This site explains it better http://www.gear-vault.com/how-do-piezo-electric-acoustic-guitar-pickups-work/
As for being made of non-magnetic metals the answer is very simple. Electricity. Guitars that have them have a battery and they are simply electromagnets.

Interesting, that shed a little light on things. Basically what I wanted to know is if there were some major reason NOT to make a bobbin out of metal that is non-magnetic. I just plan on making a single coil pickup with metal bobbins instead of plastic ones and I was wondering if there would be danger involved.

Not necessarily although it is relatively hard to find magnets that conduct electricity good enough to make pickups like the one in the Instructable.