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Can a internal hard drive be used as a external drive! Answered

I have several small capicity hard drives ( 6 gig or smaller ) laying around! Is their a way to use these VIA a USB port without adding any kind of a program, kinda like a USB storage device, just plug it into the USB port and copy/paste so information can be transported? I know they have the little USB sticks, but I have these small capaicty hard drives and would like to be able to use them for something!


Yes, you buy an empty external drive case and plug it in. Job done.


yes, you can use an internal hard drive as an external hard drive you just need an enclosure.
it is fairly straight forward and if there is any trouble just reply,
And if we cant help I'm sure the manufacturer of the enclosure will be happy to tell you how to mount the internal hard drive into the enclosure or if you ask nice enough maybe they'll do it for you.

TLDR; yes you can make an internal hard drive external.

6 gig or smaller - Those must be pretty old drives.
The other advice given below is correct, but make sure that those drives have an IDE interface.  Like THIS if they're 3.5" drives or THIS if they're 2.5" (laptop) drives.  They're not going to be SATA at that capacity.


8 years ago

I believe that they have cables with a bunch of pins for the end of the hard drive that have a usb plug on the end, my brother uses one. I couldn't find it exactly, but these may help:


You'll want to make sure whether the hard drive has a female port or a male port. 
Hope I helped!