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Can a make an adapter for my headset to work with my Laptop? Answered

hey i have a computer that has a headphone and a "line in port". My headset has a headphone and a "microphone" plug. apparently those dont mesh. is there any way i could make something with parts from say radio shack that could either make the mic plug a line in or just make them both to usb? thanks guys


A microphone input is the same as line-in The only difference is that the microphone input is amplified. You will not need to buy anything, have a look in your sound device settings and there will be an option to amplify the line-in input to make it work as a microphone input.

You can get adapters for this at your local radio parts store. TAke both pieces so you get the right stuff. If you computer only has line in then you mic. vol. is going to be low to none. Line in is a high signal level and mic. in is a low signal level so you might need a tiny amp. for that.