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Can anybody identify these microcontroller for me? Answered

I am an electronics hobbyist, and i really enjoy the arduino.
AND THEN, I saw these microcontrollers on TV in a cat-turned-twitter-user project.
could anyone tell me what they are? I recognice one of them as having an arduino underneath and I think its an ethernet shield on top. But what's the small one with the battery clip?

Thanks in advance, pictures below (I think).



Best Answer 6 years ago

I think you have a JeeNode or another board like a JeeNode based on the HopeRF module. That should point you in the right direction.

well, looks just like it but the chip is SMT

thanks for that, it looks just like the controller in this image:

which i found on the jeenode page!
thanks I have been looking for an alternative to the xbee and you have just helped me find it!


6 years ago

Do you have any idea of what show it was and what episode? Maybe there is a video of it on the net somewhere we could have a look at.

maybe it's a ethernet shield for arduino.

...HHmmmft.. I think that is a Battery charger,,,,, but I do not sure if it is really is....

Yes, I can! It looks like either a Virtual Chip or a very complex Memory Card. I'm not saying it is, but it could be a Electric Chip to a stun gun so be careful!

I see there is a crystal on a small shield soldered to the long top board, and what looks like an antenna soldered on as well, so I guess it is a radio module. The long board on top has a small square micro controller by the looks of it, could be an atmega 328, can u read it? It looks like it has lots of labelled pins. Maybe its an arduino fio or something to help program the arduino beneath.

unfortunately i cant read the name of the chip, the picture is limited by the TV resolution and not my camera so what you see is all I have to go on as well. Thanks for that though, I will have to investigate this further....