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Can anyone find me a good deal on K'nex? Answered

Well I'm looking around but I really don't have the time or the patience to continue. I have homework to get to so I'm hoping you guys can find me some good deals on K'nex. I'm looking for something that
-Is no more than $60 or so. I really don't feel like spending a lot. I don't plan on starting up a huge stockpile. I simply want enough to build practical weapons and maybe two smaller weapons at  time.
-Contains some black/clear rods. I only have one clear rod. I had another but I lost it. 
-Has some exotics. I don't care if I only get like 2 of each but I'd love some more hinges and ball joints. Some more black Ys wouldn't hurt either. Small wheels would be a nice addition but I don't require them. Some blue caps would also be lovely. Small bendies are nice too.
-Obviously I'd like a nice mix of normal pieces. Green and white rods, and yellow connectors are my main concern though. I could use more of everything but those three are probably the most used in the majority of weapons. They're usually the only pieces I run out of. Metallics would be nice though I don't care what colors they are
-Finally, I don't want bricks or minis. Almost every set in town is half bricks and/or minis and I don't feel like paying extra for those. If some are included, fine as long as I get a what would be a good deal without them.

If I finally get some more pieces, I'll be able to build guns made by others and start some new projects. I've been looking forward to reviewing guns in a strict manner.



8 years ago

Well... honostly, I might eventually be selling my knex. ) : I just have not been getting much insiration. My list of knex contains lots of exotics. All my knex isn't worth onlt 60 dollars but I can reduce the amount so you can buy it with 60 dollars tell me if you might be intrested.

 Don't leave your the only girl knexer I know!

Lol are they really? I always figured that was just a rumor. Does it really matter what gender someone is for a hobby?

That's rather stereotypical.  More girls my age shoot at my club than guys.

 Whatever I just think its neat how smilee is a girl in a all boy group(as far as I know)

Meh I think it just goes back to when men were mostly the hunters and had no problem with killing other things.

Fine then give me something I can do.

Try a lever action (so the lever pulls back the pin).
I made one before, but it wasn't too good.

wow ur a girl i mean ive nothing against that but ive just never seen a girl remotly intrested in guns.

This. Its in pounds (English currency, not weight) and is pretty cheap. Theres a fair bit there but no black/clear rods. You still should be able to buy it although of the currency problem but you might be able to change the .co.uk buy to .com.


Have you considored buying pieces from knex.com dj got some sweet deals for like 30$s and now hes able to build the ksayer and a not a rectangle.

Well I'm aiming to get as much as I can for the little I pay. Usually, that means used is cheaper than buying from the company for anything.

Get well known in the non-knexer community.  Sooner or later you're bound to find someone who wants to get rid of knex...

Actually someone donated knex to me and I didnt pay anything.

You might want to spend part of that on the big things and then maybe 5 to 10 dollars on knex.com where you would get the more exotic stuff.


8 years ago

ive got the same idea as you, ive got 100 euro and im getting knex off ebay, you should try it too.,..

Tell that to k'nex.

Ugh did it make it through the filters yet?