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Can anyone help identify two components? Answered

This board is from an old Barbie piano I'm fixing for my aunt. In order to further troubleshoot it I need to figure out what these are. They are indicated by the two arrows.

Edit: Just wanted to add that I have attempted to google the codes on the two and it came up with nothing.



Best Answer 5 years ago

They are sip resistors all wired to a single leftmost or rightmost pin
Saves a lot of room if they are the same value.  See the pic.



+1. There is usually a dot on the common end.

SIP =>> Single Inline Package  a Resistor Array that may add zip to your life..


5 years ago

FYI these are probably precision parts, and are used in generating the various tones.

The black is resistors the yellow is capacitors.
Photograph or tell me exactly what is on them and I can tell you the values.

I have black, blue and the yellow.
Boy do they hurt when accidentally stuck through the skin as in "FLY"

A :-)

Been there.

The markings tell you the value they have a code much like surface mount resistors and capacitors. 102 is 1 k ohm and 101K is 100pF +-10%