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Can anyone help me identify this bayonet? I dont think it is older than 30 years? Help please. Answered

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Any info as in orgins, age , style would be great. My curiosity is peaked and would love some help.

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Josehf Murchison (author)2017-11-16

The scabbard is WW1 or WW2

That bayonet is a mess and it was assembled up side down, the sharp edge of the blade should be away from the barrel, from the finish of the blade post WWII.

This nib should be flush with the handle scales.

It looks like 2 maybe 3 different bayonets were put together to make one bayonet.

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iceng (author)Josehf Murchison2017-11-16

Never noticed bayonets sharp edge was on the high side.. Makes sense too avoid exhaust particles from dulling the blade edge.. Always enjoy learning new facts..

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IF I am not fully mistaken than the handle is french, but the blade isn't.
The sheeth should different too for a match of the handle.

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My guess is, it is a refit.

I had a Finish M44 refit 7.62 x 54.

M91 action with M38 sights and a M44 stock.

A lot of this went on post WWII to outfit devastated third world armies. War junk refurbished to functional.

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