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Can anyone help me with the control algorithm for MPU 9150 (9-axis motion controller)? Answered

Me and my team are working to make a Quad-copter using an Arduino. But to stabilize it, we planned to use MPU9150. We tried and we are still trying to make it work with the controller. So far, we can get the raw data from the motion controller, but we are unable to configure it as per our needs. So can anyone help with the control algorithm??

Thanks in advance.


Read your post but I think we need a few more details: What arduino are you using? How are you connecting to the arduino (pins used)? Do you currently have a coding sample your attempting to use? I can't say that instructables is the best place to post this, but what the hey.

Me and my team are trying to make a quad-copter using Arduino Uno R3. We are wirelessly controlling the copter from PC using Xbee S2 modules. We are using the rover5 motor controller (link-http://www.jameco.com/1/1/47339-rs011mc-4-channel-dc-motor-controller-encoder-support.html) for controlling the motors.

The terminals I used for the motion controller are as follows:-

Yeah, basically that's the connection.

And if not here, then do you know any other place where I can post my question??

i want to power my 4 dc gear servo motor having 12V and 4amp peak stall power requirement each.so, will this rover5 motor controller (link-http://www.jameco.com/1/1/47339-rs011mc-4-channel-dc-motor-controller-encoder-support.html) easily operate all 4 motors at a time ? or how much external power be applied for the board?