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Can anyone help me with this type of LCD?

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Hi everyone.
I have this LCD with 21 pins. On this PCB its writen AZ-2060 LCD driver. I have no idea what kind of LCD is, i have it from a printer i think (the printer didn`t work), because i like to save parts from old things. If anyone know what kind of LCD is , please tell me, because I have an Arduino and i like to play with it and in the same time learn programming. Maybe i can use it with my Arduino.
Thank you very much !!

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danyelo (author)2017-07-02

thank you very much guys !! You are right , i've remembered. But my questions is (i have no idea in this field, but i wanna learn) can i use it with my arduino (i think the answer is easy "yes, of course" , but how? I saw the LCD_DATA , WR and CS. I have i little clue , but i'm not sure if its the right one. Can you halp me a little please?

rickharris (author)danyelo2017-07-02

YOu need to find a data sheet for the display - without that you have no idea what pin goes where, what the codes are for the display ETC. I would start with AZ the apparent maker.

Ask - you may be given.

danyelo (author)rickharris2017-07-02

You are right. I was thinking maybe i can use this driver , this pcb, because it has 3.3v , gnd , LCD_DATA , LCD_RW and LCD_CS. i found something about this pins and this kind of drivers, but not a single exemple what i must do with this LCD_DATA ...maybe i'm a little stupid , but i have no experience with programming, i mean that i cant create a program by myself...thank you very much for the help !!

rickharris (author)danyelo2017-07-02

then your in a dark hole! Actually programming isn't that difficult, Initalisation data then the display data is sent


may illuminate things slightly.

iceng (author)rickharris2017-07-02


I often try initialization from three other LCD manufacturer types and there is a commonality that helps work out the full initialization sequence.. Of course graphic units are harder and very time consuming.

danyelo (author)iceng2017-07-03

I know, but i like playing with stuff. Thank you very much for the help !

petercd (author)2017-07-02

Looks like the LCD from the top of the Philips CD /Radio player, the AZ 2060.