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Can anyone help me? Answered

Hi, well i dont know if is there any tutorial about this im gonna show you, but i want to do it! can you tell me how is done?
in the beginning you can see all that cubes in a corner and a laser show (or i dont know what it is), it's something beautiful and i want to do it... can you help me?


I remember seeing that at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC. It was part of the virtual reality displays. The backdrop is an all-white cityscape of blank blocks. I think there are several projectors which project an image onto the blocks. The designs match the cubes perfectly so it looks like the cube faces or surfaces light up. I don't recall the laser show going on so that might be some post-processing magic into the video. Look up NYU ITP program where a lot of artists that create this kind of displays or art installations, you see them at Maker Faire too.

I'm with Kiteman on this one, some of the "changes" cubes apearing within cubes, and such would be very complex to do with even just the 3 sides of a "cube", much less so many. . . unless it is CGI.

I'm not entirely convinced it isn't CGI.

If it's real, it's a major job, lighting strips built in, lights shining on it, and I suspect that some of the faces of the shapes would have to be TV screens of some description.