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Can anyone help with Bootmanager error? (forums wont work) Answered

Hi everyone, My friend's laptop has encountered a problem with The bootmanager. When the computer is booted up he gets a message saying "BOOTMGR is missing press Ctrl + ALT + DEL to restart" Normally i would be able to fix this problem by using the Vista Dvd, but nothing boots up at all, so we cant access command prompt, the partitions, or re-install vista, because it doesnt boot. If anyone can help i would apreciate it. P.S we have tried F8 safe mode to no success


Your friend was playing in DOS,(disk operating system). He should've used: format c:/s I'm noy sure if that is the correct syntax but a quick search for DOS commands, And a sub search for the Format command should be easy an simple enough. format C: ,will not put a boot sector on will not put a boot sector on the disk.. It is mainly for data only disks. Anyway see if any of this is of help. Later.........

Go into BIOS and set the boot priority to boot from the CD first. It should work off the Vista disc. L

Thanks. How do I go into bios and set the boot priority?

For my machine, the BIOS startup says "hit DEL to enter setup" in the lower left. If yours doesn't, tap DEL before the error message appears (keep pressing ~once a second until something happens). If that doesn't do repeat the process with each of the F keys (I've seen laptops like this) Once you're in it shouldn't be too hard to find, one of the screens will say "first boot device (hard drive)", "second boot device -" etc. I assume bootmgr is on C: for loading Windows, or it should be but isn't... L

Thanks i will try this on friday to see how it goes. I dont know if it will however because the reason this happened was because he wanted to format the machine and instead of doing it the traditional way, he went to command prompt and typed "format C:" which deleted everything (and the other harddrives had nothing on them so all windows files deleted)

Right, so he's got C: as his first boot device but no operating system on it, very clever... The machine is finding the drive, finding the boot-sector (which is still there) but stopping when it can't go any further.
See here for the F-key you need: