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Can anyone identify these? Answered

I'm curious what these might be.  I recently found them in my attic, 5-6 feet long, matching set of mirrored panels.  Seem more decorative than functional, very thin metal, and one of them has rusted clear through on one side.


Looks like antiques, like a long time, like farming tools, but also like something on the parts!

They look like rocker panels off a vehicle. Not sure what the vehicle would have been though (as there's not much to go on).

Ya, they might actually be worth something... People are restoring old vehicles all the time and looking for as many original parts as they can. (Ask around yokozuna, you might be able to sell them for some extra cash). ;-)

That's true, however a lot of the auto wreckers that sell parts should have some idea. If they were mine, I'd take the photos around and see if they can't narrow it down. (Or ask whoever might have put them there what vehicle they may have come off of?)

I don't think they're from a vehicle. They're not thick enough to be rocker panels or rear fenders or such, they're rather flimsy. They could be some sort of decoration for a boat or something, but would have to be attached to wood or have something more solid underneath. At 5-6 feet they are way too long to have anything to do with a car door as weldor suggests. I'm rather stumped, hence posting the pics.

Hmm? I wonder then if they wouldn't have been some decorative feature on an old sled, or a snowmobile or something? Depending on where they were mounted, they might not have needed to be very strong, or perhaps they just weakened some over the years... It is a bit of a head scratcher...


6 years ago

it might help to stand them up and show both sides. Also could you please add some measurements. That would be a big help.
btw- they look like they might be the inner door panels of of a vehicle.
Good luck in your quest!