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Can anyone make "disposable" ammo that I can use instead of rods? Answered

I dont want to use rods for ammo so I was wondering if there was any disposable ammo that could fit in the untangle's barrel.



8 years ago

Just kidding. But seriously, you could order something like this, then cut it down. Just a thought.

I need something easily mass producible and not making me want to hunt it down when I shoot it over 100 feet.  Like paper.

Good luck getting paper to go 100 feet. XD

Then how 'bout this: paper.

How are you gonna fold the paper so that you shoot it out of the gun?

Roll it up really tightly, then maybe add put some tape on it so it sticks (or to make it thicker)


8 years ago

at home depot they have these long wood rod things, I used to use them as Crossbow bolts, just make sure you bring the measurements/ a knex piece to get the right size

-___- I can never escape that can I....

ehh just wait, it will die, like other things we say in about... 10 years?

NEVARRRRRR (aka not if I keep it alive)

so youll be like that guy who still says "that is groovy" ?


8 years ago

bambo skewers with E-tape around it till it fits into the barrel snug like in the pic but i was just trying it out testing how far that could shoot like that but it worked ok i say just make it the size of a blue rod or some thing so u don't need to use so much E-tape

new ammo 003.jpg

 i would try to use nails MUAHAHAHAHAHA

I tried that too, they didn't fit in the barrel.

Where is the untangle?


8 years ago

Biodegradable Airsoft BBs.


8 years ago

Trimmed down asparagus =)

Apart from rubber bands and connectors, how about peas? Or rice? (I think a barrel full of rice would make an excellent shotgun!) If possible, try to use rice or peas that are over date, so that you're not wasting food.

you could use bamboo skewers and mod the front of the gun to make the hole smaller.

I used metal rods for my ammo when i didnt have very many peices the range was just like 5 feet less because of the little extra weight but they do alot of damage no matter what.

I would go with wooden dowel, rolled up paper (maybe tape around it or use thicker paper for some more weight and stability), maybe it you have a really small stick (or anything else that is smaller than the barrel, but sturdy) then you can put some tape on it so it is thicker.

I just tried using a wooden dowel (which was pretty thin and long) in my TR8.
Then I took a piece of 8.5x11 piece of looseleaf paper, and made it about 8.5x1 (the "1" is about how far the ammo went into theturret). I wrapped it around the back of the dowel, and shoved it down the turret. I fired it about 7-10 feet, it was pretty decent. The tip barly penatrated cardboard, and was a little back heavy.
It was also tedious to make.

I still have to try other methods of disposable ammo, but this was pretty decent. You might want to try it youself before having a war with it though.

I can't use a camera at the moment, so here is a basic drawing in paint.
The Instructables uploading thing doesn't like me, so here is a link to the picture. 
Its very primitive, but you should get the idea of what I mean.

Try using .22 shells, I don't know but they might work.

They make large rolled-paper sticks for giant lollipops or caramel apples. They're just like the little flimsy white ones that come on 10 cent lollipops, only larger. They carry them in the cake decorating/candy making section of craft shops like Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Might work in your gun, if the diameter's right.

Find out the diameter of the barrel then buy some dowel or acrylic to fit. Or pencils if it's wide enough, they'll be sharp, though you could sharpen dowel with a pencil sharpener if you wanted to.