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Can anyone provide me with information about using foggers for aeroponics? Answered

I have read quite a bit online, but would like to hear from someone who has personal knowledge with this technology? I want to try using just the foggers. Has anyone done this? If not, I would like to know about mister systems in conjunction with foggers.


I have tried foggers, but they clogged quite often. I do not know what you want to build, but always suggest a KISS solution. Keep it simple and you'll avoid many hydroponic problems. Good luck to you, and please share your project with us. See "my first hydro" instructable.

While I haven't built with them, I have done a lot of research into them. They give a very high oxygen ratio, but the ultrasonic discs can corrode pretty quickly from the salts in the water (the nutrients). As for misters, your problem there is with blockages caused by the nutrients again. Also with aeroponics you are very susceptible to a power outage, once the power stops to your fogger / pump, the roots can dry out very quickly. Still, even with all that, I say have a go and let us know your results, after my current project I might have a play with foggers too!