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Can anyone show me how to make a custom drumset? Answered



Do you want to build one from the ground up and build all the parts yourself or customize the one you already have?

um either one would work. but i guess customize without ruining

You can also just build the mesh heads (there are a few tutorials here on how to do so) or buy them for the size of a regular acoustic set (I rather make them myself just because it's cheaper and it's just cool to know that I made them)
add Ddrum or Pintech triggers check my You Tube video for more on that.
and buy a cheap module on Ebay or Craigslist.  for a very decent setup you should spend somewhere between 400 and 600 (and this is with a sound card interface to connect to the computer, the sound module, the triggers and a converted acoustic drumset.  you can spend less depending on if you buy the module used, if you already have a sound card  which accepts those inputs in your computer and if you are building the triggers from scratch.  same for cymbals and connection cables...

I have posted some pics in my facebook page, you can also look under this link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khq-p4LoIi4
for the results (not yet finished but almost there) I will soon post another video with all the different drumsets that I have programmed and also how to record your drums to the computer so you can add guitars ,bass voice or anything else audio you can think of.