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Can anyone suggest a way to make an array of lenses (say 5mm dia - 100 x 100 pieces) on a flat sheet of acrylic? Answered

I have made a simple version - using an acrylic sheet, heating, then pushing down a perforated metal sheet on top to create the 'bumps' Can anyone think of another way?


Fresnel Tech www.fresneltech.com has a hexagonal lens array (item #300) 2.3 millimeter pitch which goes for $55 for an 8x10 sheet or a rectangular lens array 1 millimeter pitch (item #630) which goes for $38 for a 6x6 sheet. These should work for your purposes. The focal length of the lenses need to be the same as the thickness of the sheet for it to work properly.

I'd like to know a method for making these on my own or a cheaper source of these types of lenses, too. I would imagine it would involve some sort of photo-resist method on an acryilic or lexan sheet.

I've had some success with making a 3d integral image of a toy train with the hexagonal lens array. I haven't tried it with the rectangular lens array yet.

The results of my experiment can be seen here:


You may want to look at fluorescent light fixture panels- there are many styles- one is of tiny little lenses. 2'X4' for $5 or so.

I don't know if this helps, but looking into this further, I found out the photographer Roger de Montebello used a method which involved making of a plaster cast of an array of ballbearings to use as some sort of casting mold. Unfortunately, I don't have any other details at this point.

THANK YOU GoldenWingedOne for your answer to me the other day concerning my construction of a lens array I am intrigued by your train pov picture - I use povray too, so I may try that. I was really interested to see if I can take a multi lens photo, then display it as an intgeral image. Did you ever try this? Meanwhile, I shall try to purchase the array from fresnel tech Any other tips you could send me would be very greatfully received! TA!!

Sheets of Fresnel lenses used to be available from places like Edmund Scientific, but those were larger lenses (typically an inch or more square). Sheets of textured plastic that have bumpy surfaces are available off-the-shelf for use as privacy glazing, but I'm not sure their optical characteristics would be anywhere close to what you'd want. Might be worth checking out.

What is your intended purpose for the sheet? Sounds like a really fun project. I can think vacuum forming would work.

I am experimenting with stereo (integral) imaging and I need a fly's eye kind of sheet of lenses