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Can anyone tell me how to download msn movies? Answered

I found some movies on msn.com and I would like to have them on my machine, even on my cell phone, if that's possible. Can anyone tell me how to record those msn movies? 
Any advice appreciated.



8 years ago

 Then it should work with a screencapturing software, cause it captures the video streaming just like it is. Why don't you try Tunebite? It will help you a lot, now it also captures the stream, works on hulu also and since it's a hulu downloader, I have all the shows I want on my pc. 
Btw, it converts the videos to 3gp, if you want to transfer them on your phone. There are also some step-by-step instructions with how to record movies from msn, see it here

 Well, for downloading youtube videos I used to use this method too, but I think I'll give up because I don't like at all the quality of the videos. 
Regarding downloading msn shows through this method, I've already tried once and I didn't find them on my temporary files. Anyway, I would like to have them on my cell phone so I need to convert the videos to 3gp.
I will try that dvdvideosoft to see how it works.
Thanks for your suggestions. 


I'm real happy about real player.

i just have the basic realplayer (the free one) scroll down the page you should see a downloadlink for the basic realplayer there.

After you've installed it you will notice that when you watch one of your videos online a tab will popup in the rightcorner of the video asking if you would like to download it. Just click yes and it will.

The files will come out as .flv but you can easily convert it with a convertor program like dvdvideosoft free www.dvdvideosoft.com/

It's a great program that has convertor for video, mp3 and youtube easy download all in one! And even more but check out the site for more info

hope it helped,



8 years ago

What I do for YouTube videos is first watch the movie, let it cache the whole thing.  Then don't go off the page but go straight to your Temporary Internet Files folder.  Sort by size, the movies are quite big and it'll be a .flv

There's no reason why this shouldn't work for msn.com.

PS: This works on my XP Home but not my brothers Vista.