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Can i do the lessons without said tools and still learn? Answered

I was homeless for almost 13 years. As of Christmas I have a bedroom in an elderly lady's home where I do maintenance and upkeep and my wife cooks and cleans. When on the streets I would occasionally come across or buy tools and other stuff but because of theft, people destroying our stuff or having to pick and choose what to leave behind I have hardly any tools and hardly any tools to do electrical work but I want and need to learn more about this field.
Is it possible to learn and take the necessary knowledge from this course to do general work on electronic devices?
And do you have any old tools that you no longer use that you might be willing to donate to the cause?

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-01-26

Unfortunately I not have any extra tools lying about (I did a big purge recently to make space), but I will keep an eye out.

The bare minimum you will need is a soldering iron, solder, wire snips, and a multimeter. You should be able to find all of that on Amazon for ~$20. If you go to a dollar or discount store, you may be able to pick up the tools for even cheaper.

It depends what sort of electronic devices you have in mind? Doing some basic repairs like replacing a stereo speaker or iPhone battery should be doable after this class.

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