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Can i have a parts list for the K'nexsayer? Answered

I am surprised i just looked at KI and found that the K'nexsayer may be in my parts range. I would do ANYTHING to get one. did that sound beggish? Well just leave a comment and...



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rods green:336 white:162 blue:22 yellow:24 red:7 gray:6 black:7 yellow/orange:1 connectors dark gray:82 orange:22 lt gray:41 red:55 green:46 yellow:172 white:29 blue:6 tan clip:16 black/blue hinge:6 (toghther) blue clip:1 other y clip:13 small black tires:6 ball socket:8 ball joint:1 blue spacer:43 gray spacer:7 small gray tire:11

Wah wah waaaaaaaa. too many yellow connectors.

I can haz best answer?

ok. i already gave you two so here is ur 3rd.

I wouldn't build the knexsayer if I were you. I would build the TR18, It has more shots, and better distance.

i don't see what the hype is. It's just a pump action, auto rotating, true trigger gun.

That's why its so cool. It has a new auto rotating mech, a new and strong block-true trigger, lots of power, lots of innovation, and is a literal brick.

The only innovation it has is rotating mech, and the stock. I've seen the trigger on some other guns. Well, at least the the type.

Well, the concept of a block trigger isn't new, but how he made the trigger is new. Its much stronger than other block-trues.