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Can i make an air con capable of cooling a 12 sq. meter room by using peltier ? Answered


No. Not unless you were willing to put 100 in parallel. You'd also have to figure a way to get rid of the waste heat since if I understand the principle right one side gets cold and one side gets hot. Though I may have that wrong since I've never used one.

+1 and they tend to get hotter than colder since it's just producing a delta T, it's not an even change between hot and cold, at least in my experience. (e.g. if dT = 15 C, then maybe dTh=10 C and dTc=5 C.)


5 years ago

12sq M x 3 M high = 36 cubic Meters of air that you want to cool.

You don't have the current to run a peltier junction that size..
If you could get a peltier that BTU size.


The best way to cool a room is to REMOVE THE HEAT rather than to add coolness. The attic of my house gets up to 150 F... which causes my living area to get up to 90F... however my basement is 72F all summer long without running any air cooling! I did an experiment once where I painted my roof white with hydrated lime (white-wash). My summer attic temperatures went down to about 100F... and this resulted in the living area temperature going down to about 82F. .. and 82F is just about tolerable on the edge of comfortable... without running any air conditioning. If this concept interests you, then you might want to research the subject of "zero energy design" (ZED) on youtube for more information. Also, you can see my "white-roof-experiment" on builditsolar.com if you do a search there.