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Can i make money from my instructable? Answered



Best Answer 4 years ago

Another way you could get some "payment" would be to make a good enough instructable that you can get it featured, which will get you a short pro membership, which you could sell to someone. But it would not sell for very much.

The good thing is that you will not get exploited by instructables. Face book takes ownership of all pictures that are posted there and has been known to sell them to whoever is interested. On instructables you maintain ownership of everything that is posted. If they want to put perhaps put one of your instructables in a book, they will ask for your permission to do so.

If you mean to sell the thing you made, yes, you can.

If you mean to monetise your instructable, like YouTube, then no, you can't.

But you could make a video of the project and monetise it on youtube.

But I don't believe Youtube monetisation works on embedded videos. You would need to get a sponsor and do ad reads or get an affiliate link to send people to.

The point would be to have material on your youtube channel so poepl will find it while on youtube. Eventually if you keep posting good content people will start to follow you and you'll start earning some money. But it takes a lot of work and time for that to happen.

Agreed, but that's outside of the scope of using Instructables to make money.

Most definitely! This isn't a site for trying to make money. But it is good for some exposure.