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Can i translate post on instuctables.com and post on my website and share to everyone in my country? Answered

I want to ask because i respect all good thing that instructables.com has bring :)



1 year ago

Most Instructables are copyrighted, but the terms vary depending on the author. You should contact each author and ask them. If they give permission then there is no problem. You should make certain that anything you post has a link back to the original article so the writer can get the credit for it.

Another option is to work with the author and make a second duplicate Instructable but translated into the language you want that way you don't lose the pictures and formating.

Thank you for your reply, i asked some author and most of us agreed :) that's cool

I would say that authors here have little to no objections if their projects are shared with the original links and credits so they are available in a different language.
The thing that makes us angry is if website use our stuff without asking to make money from it, even if it is just through their ads popping up.
For a good cause I think only very few people would not give you the permission to use their work - if it is free and with good intentions.


Agreed, the majority of Instructables are published under the Creative Commons licenseing code, you will need to check the license status of each Instructable.

Even if the license allows you to share the original work, you must always give full credit to the original author. If in doubt, ask the authors permission.

More information on the Creative Commons licensing code is available on their website: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/

Details of the license applied to each individual Instructable is available in the sidebar of any given I'ble, as illustrated in the attached image.