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Can i use 800Mah battery instead of 80mah in BT Receiver Answered


I have BT Receiver,  have near abt 3.6v 80mah inbuild battery,
Due to low battery backup, i want to change battery,
So, can i use 800 or max battery mah instead of 80mah,
Will circuit run smoothly, without any problem,
If ur(your) answer is no ! Then please tell me any resistor or circuit, which required for smooth output



In my opinion using the 800 mA battery will not be be suitable, As the charging cct may not be able to cope with 0.8 mA and overheat.

Definitely, provide that (a) your 800 mah battery supplies the correct voltage (3.6V), and that it has the right contact pattern for your device (modern batteries have more than just +/- contacts, so that the device can monitor the charge, and for doing current-control on recharging).