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Can instructables corrupt pdf files that are being created through the site and has it happened before? Answered

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After over a month of waiting, my pdf file for my knex roller coaster won't load up. It keeps giving me a blank page. Could it be corrupt through the site? I was wondering if a corrupt image on my instructable could cause it because one image had a http error but still uploaded. I thiks something is wrong and I don't like that feeling.

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bwrussellBest Answer (author)2013-03-12

First off downloading pdf's is something only Pro members can do. You may be able to download your own but I can't guarantee that.
The issue is indeed in the images. If I generate a custom pdf with the images removed it comes through fine. Mke sure any broken pictures are removed and it is re-saved.

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davechristensen (author)2013-05-18

If it's happened, you may use of repair acrobat reader file

Item http://www.repairacrobat.acrobatrepairtoolbox.com is obliged to solve such trouble

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samaddon (author)2013-03-11

You must edit the project and replace that corrupt error image the see what happens. And i have never seen before anything like this i am using this site since an year. And i think your browser's PDF reader addon or extension has been corrupted try opening and other PDF file from instructables too then tell me what happend then i will see to it!

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