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Can people heat up lava rocks to the point of being liquid again? Answered


Depends what with, but yes, its possible.

What's that cool-carbonate volcano in Africa?


 possible with the right equipment but unless you are volcanic scientist you probably would not be able to afford the equipment needed

You'll just need a furnace or kiln capable of sustaining temperatures between 1000C and 3000C, depending on the composition of the rock. The low end of this range is easy enough to achieve for the DIY'er using readily available equipment. The high end, not so much. The hottest you're likely to get from an electric home ceramics kiln is about 1300C. You can get a few more degrees from a gas-fired furnace, but for the upper range you'd need industrial-quality gear. You'll also need a crucible of some sort, most likely a ceramic one, as steel will melt around the same temperature range as the rocks, which would be messy.
Smaller particles melt easier than large ones, so you'll get better results if you pound the rocks into tiny bits with a slegehammer.

thats how "rock wool" is created ,  re-melt igneous rock and spin it out into fibers !  Just like making glass fiber !