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Can plants be grown by using only water vapor, no soil either? the thing is to limit the weight to the plant alone.? Answered

to create a system of plants and greenery, which is useful and productive, not just decorative, but which has limited weight. this would allow for various levels of plants needing only wire supports, increasing the effective production over a given area.


Growing plants with just a nutrient-water mist is called aeroponics.

Instructables has some information on that, as well as other places of course.

Some of the best indoor gardening information seems to come from people who... ahem... would rather their neighbors not know about the gardens. I would not suggest buying anything from their suppliers, though, as they seem to expect customers to have large amounts of cash lying around.

Plant also need NPK - Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium (Kalium), and other trace minerals. Some plants will do better than others, but pure water alone isn't nutritious enough. L