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Can playdoh or clay be microwaved safely? Answered

Pretty simple, I was just wondering if either is microwave-safe. It would be for no more than 2 minutes...I wanted to use them as a mold. Melt probably?


vince 09

Best Answer 9 years ago

if you mean clay as in the clay you use to make ceramics than yes as long as it is completely dry if not it will chip and possibly crack apart the kiln you would use to fire the clay pots is extremely hot like 1500 degrees is a cool kiln so I would say a microwave is ok lol as far as playdoh I have never tried, you might try it and find out hope this helps


9 years ago

Playdoh will simply melt into a puddle, and if you're talking about baking a clay pot, use a kiln instead.

Not melt, but the playdoh might soften and foam up a bit as the water in it heats up. If the clay isn't dry or doesn't have enough grog in it, it could pop chunks off from trapped steam.