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Can some one help me charge my laptop? Answered

I've lost dc part of my laptop (where you plug in the cord) and I've got no way to charge my battery. Please help me!


I've already fixed it. I just took the end of the charger, cut it off, solder it to the black and red wires and it works now. as a matter of fact im using it right now

get your charger, strip the wire, put alligator clips on both polaritiys and use them to connect to your laptop's wires

Could you get better images or just describe what is left of the part where the connector was?

I'm not sure if there are red and black wires hanging out from the connector hole... If so, then you might be lucky. Then you just have to find a suitable socket and solder it there right way. It might not fit into the casing any more, but at least you get power.

But there is a chance that the force that ripped it out damaged something deeper inside. Then it is better to let a professional or an advanced DIY repairer check it.

Places like MPJA have cheap laptop chargers but the back of your laptop looks busted. I can't see if you still have the connector for the battery charger.

Oh dear. Have you REALLY ripped out the connector from the motherboard ?

Go to Amazon and look for a new one or go to the manufacturers web site and buy an original

not much other choice I am sorry -

Oh and take more care of the next one!