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Can somebody identify this plant? Answered

This plant popped up about 18 months ago or so...its approx. 24" tall. With berries!



9 years ago

are they green berries? it may be "spurge laurel a type of wild daphne

pigs on pbf 030.jpg

omg! pippa5, that's it! Thank you! Now I just have to decide whether or not i should keep it, eh?

Glad to be of help . Spurge Laurel is becoming rarer in the wild nr me Devon uk it is growing in a nature reserve which is managed to encourage it. Pot it up and give it to someone who would like it. Has green flowers jan/feb.

The berries are black right now...I did not notice, but maybe they started out green. Thanks for the answer. I'll look up spurge laurel.

It looks like a rhodendendron to me, but I don't think Rhodies do berries....

Hmmmm. Doesn't look shiney or veiny enough to me to be a rhodie. And you're right, they don't do berries. @malynn: It might help people if they knew where you're from to rule out some plants

I am in Seattle. The mystery plant popped up beneath a tree.