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Can someone explain what is the amusing thing about curling? any canadians want to answer that? Answered

this is how the announcer goes:
" Wow what an amazing play! did you see the way he PUSHED that ROCK across that ICE! by the way that is the new X-10 Super-Sweep from Exacta-Broom with a carbon-fiber handle to the kevlar re-enforced rubberized P-240 Brissels!" (second reporter) "Amazing! he actually HIT the othor ROCK with the fist one!"


In France you have petanque or in french 'jeu de boules" and it's curling but without the ice. And I must say it's fairly amusing to play. It takes skill to not only throw your ball in the right direction but also make it stop at a designated point.

Every sport takes skill but if you put it like you did in your description every sport sounds boring.

Swimming: it's just moving your arms and legs and make your way through water faster then the other people

Reporter: omg he is swimming slightly faster then the other person, look  at that guy moving! He won by a nose length!

Soccer: you are running all the time behind the ball and then when you get to the ball you kick it away!

Reporter: "He is running to the ball, he is running! running! and he kicks! and he is running again! running again! Yes he puts it in the net! Goal! oh look they're running again!

I can make something like that about every sport. I can understand your point though, if you don't like that particular sport you'll find it hard to find it interesting. i myself am nog a curling fan because just like you I don't really find it interesting. What I do know is that it takes training (every sport does) and certain techniques to learn something like that and it deserves respect.

Funny sidenote: you put "boring" as a  tag and the related  shows awesome sports like snowboarding and quads :p

It's on par with all sports - garbage for anything but entertainment.  Humans are competitive, and will find ways to try and beat others.

Olympics is a key example:  WTF do we need to train people in shotput or discus for?  I understand its hard to do.  I understand it takes a lot of skill - but to prove who is best at it?!  A lot of those stemmed from hunting or battle, and were practical at one time.  Sprinting?  Yes.  You can run the fastest.  You don't see the world record typist (something like 160wpm no errors continuous) getting international acolades - even though thats one of the more useful talents in todays society.

Curling is very similar - just to prove you are better at a difficult task than someone else.  Does it mean you're not allowed to enjoy it?  no.  It means people are welcome to enjoy what they like.  It's slower paced, still takes skill, and has a much lower chance for injury than say...tackle football - an equally useless pastime by *their definition.

If I aint playin' ,  It aint interestin' !  Bein' a nonpartisipant observer is as borin' a thing as I can imagine !

Which is why I ride my motorcycle instead of watchin' races !

like I told another critic on this site , I am an East Tennessee hillbilly currently livin' in Scotland and I write like I speak !  Jest to put a little personality in my posts !

i am spanish and you wont see me writing in english teh way i speak, posting is to make others understand you and when i read that post i cold barely understan the whole message, de acuerdo?

Wow, a E Tennessee hillbilly in Scotland who can use punctuation-  who would of thought,  LOL!   (I'm a big fan of literal narrative writing- and a recovering East Tennessee hillbilly!) 

Where are you recoverin' at brother !  Yer name suggests you might be interested in ancient tech ( bow makin' ,  flint knappin' and th' like) !

Read my profile ,  I am conversant in most of those diciplines !

It's a game of skill (specifically aim) and strategy, much like darts. 

Is it entertaining?  It really depends on the viewer.  Most people find it boring, but a lot of people love it. 

For my personal opinion, I liken it to bowling.  It can be fun to play, but there's no appeal in watching it.

It's awfully similar to shuffleboard. 

We could keep this up all day. ;)

I played for 4 years, and was in a league.
It's nice, because in order to be good at it, you need to know basic geometry, have good control and work well with a team.

Try playing it. Once you realize how difficult it is, it may become more interesting to watch, as you'll be better able to appreciate the skill.

Or it may not. Not ever sport appeals to everyone. I'm supremely disinterested in most pro sports; my girlfriend has been educating me (really) to the point where I can at least enjoy watching... but I still prefer to watch her watch baseball. (Except for the Mets, and to a lesser extent the Red Sox. Good, safe teams to lose with.)

I'd rather watch curling than (American) football any day of the week. "WOW!! Did you see that? That one guy handed a ball to another guy, and the second guy ran with it, away from the other guys who were trying to catch him!!!! Whoa!"
And don't even get me started on golf.

Sorry, Zaphod, if you gotta ask then you'll never get it.  It's not football but it ain't boring either to an interested party.