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Can someone hack into your car? Answered

I have found a few interesting videos of vehicles hacked and controlled by other than the driver. Many things in the car can be controlled like the gas pedal and brakes. After the tragic death of journalist Michael Hastings more investigations are being done on the subject.


Christ that's a pretty serious issue! I guess the samrter things become and the more they rely on teh cloud, the more susseptable to hacking you are.


4 years ago

Most older cars do not even have computers in them, so you wouldn't be able to hack them unless you added something to them. Might want to have your eye on one in case of a EMP attack. ;)

Most Brit cars like the Jag or Rolls are notorious for their wonky electrical systems that they seem like they were already hacked.

if you buy a car from a "buy here-pay here" place they have a GPS disabler in them, hard wired to the ignition switch, someone working for the company that manages them can shut down all the cars in the fleet, either on purpose or accident.
or put a virus in the emissions testing centers machines. Every vehicle where i live has to be inspected yearly. Once they plug it in you could put something in mess up the OBD II on the vehicle.

Hello, this is Onstar, you just ran your humvee into a ditch because of an IED? We'll call for fire on the nearest town right away.

I dont think onstar can help these guys, hopefully they have usaa road side assistance.

This concept was in the UK news media a few weeks ago.

It's apparently only a genuine issue if somebody physically connects to your car's system, since most cars lack wifi or bluetooth connections to their control systems.

It's more of a worry that folk *can* hack medical implants, since they were designed to connect wirelessly, and a lot of folk never even considered the issue of secure encryption.