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Can someone help in changing motherboard and CPU's? Answered

I wrote in a while back about the problem with it. When I plugged it in it would beep 3 times and not boot up. I changed the RAM and I get no beeps anymore but it still will not boot up. I have a motherboard and 4 different CPU's but I don't know which one will work with the motherboard. I need to see if someone can help me on that. The on that its going in is a Gateway Windows XP The motherboard is from 2000 but it has never been opened or out of the box. I can't get anyone to help explain to me in English on how to know what kind of mobo to get that I can understand. They just keep going off in the big computer talk and I have no idea what they are saying so they don't want to take the time to help me so I need to try and put this one in it. Now I need to see if you guys can help me. Here's the info on the one it going into. Gateway Windows XP Model # MF ATXSTL KTH 300SE LTD Kittyhawk # AA AS1507-805 Motherboard Date 4/02 Here's what I have; MU440EX Motherboard for Intel Pentium 2 & Celeron Processors Intergrated with AGP Graphics and PCI Audio BOXMU440EX AA 702993-403 IUMU82112710 Date 2000 1.) Intel Celeron Processor 466MHz Processor Core Speed 128KB Cache fan heatsink version # 737834-001 MM # 822441 66MHz system bus 128KB L2 Cache Duel Independent Bus Architecture MMX Media Enhancment Technology Date # 5/99 2.) Pentium Processor with MMX Technology 233MHz W / MMX Item # 0323009 MFG# BOXBP80503233 MM # 813082 FPO# L7421952 Date 11/97 3.) AMD ATHLON Processor 650MHz 200MHz system bus 128KB High Performance L1 Cache super Floating Point Unit I also have two cards that I don't know what they are for; Intel Celoron 6910161 79080161-0754 09190358 SL39Z 400/66 Costa Rica B121 Intel Celoron 6910162 79080161-0545 09190358 SL39Z 400/66 Costa Rica B121 4324 Ethernet Card RJ-45 P/N 63H2449 ASSY; SB0110240-01N 9/22/04 Intel 109X1512A2036 Sanyo Denki 600/512/100 2.0V SI 99290661-0267 Malay '98 SL3JT This is what I have and if someone could help me with what will work with what and what will not work with what. I have been trying to get this thing going for about three months now. Also if any of these do work together will I have to do anything with the BIOS. If anyone knows of any video and/or step by step instructions on this please let me know. Thank you to all for any help.


Yea thats it, I just wanted to know if any of these parts will work in it before I just went in and took everything apart. I really need to get this going but its so hard on a fixed income and I really hate it. I have not changed the video card yet because of the money and I don't know what I need to get anyway, But I'll try that next when I can and see what happens with it then. I just don't want to dump a ton of money in it right now because I want to try and save up to really rebuild it right and up to date later. I thank you for your time and you have been a great help to me. Thanks again, D

Assuming that this is the computer you are talking about, then none of the CPU's you have will work. I'm extremely surprised that you even managed to install them, since they should be different socket types and thus should be incompatible with your motherboard. Especially the AMD processor, since the motherboard is made for Intel CPUs. Why do you want to install an older CPU anyways? According to the above mention article, your computer comes with a 1.3 Ghz CPU, and you're trying to install 466 Mhz, 233 Mhz, and 650 Mhz CPU's, respectively.

Please fill me in on what exactly you're trying to achieve, and I'll be glad to help. Are you trying to upgrade, or just find a home for extra hardware, etc? I'll try not to use too much jargon, but then I tend to sound condescending :). So just ask if need a more detailed explanation or whatnot.

As far as I can tell that is a lot like mine but mine is not new. It is a 02 model. As far as the parts I have not installed anything, these are just what I have as extra parts that I got in a truck load of parts that someone give to me. I got this computer from someone else and I am having trouble with it and I can't figure out what is wrong with it. The problem I am having with it is that when I plug it in it will not boot up. At first when I plugged it in it would beep 3 times and not boot up. I put new RAM in it and it does not beep anymore but it still will not boot up. There is a green light on the PCU on as soon as I plug it in and it stays on but I don't know if that is part of the problem or not. I was told that it had a problem with the first 64K but I don't know anything about that or how to check it. Then I was told that the motherboard was fried so that is where the extra parts come in. I just wanted to know if any of those parts will work in it to see if I can use any of them to try and get it fixed. I am lost at this point and don't know where to go from here. If you can help me get this going I would be MOST GREATFULL and I will be your bestes friend for life..LOL Seriously tho I am lost and don't know where I'm at at this point. I cannot afford to put very much money in it because I am on a fixed income. I know it is a old machine but it is all I have to get going. I need to get a desktop going some how and this is where I'm at. Thank you for your reply and your help. D

Ah, I see what you're getting at, I didn't read your post carefully enough the first time. So you want to use this older motherboard with the parts from the Gateway to build a working computer, correct? So, looking at the specs for the MU440EX motherboard, either the Pentium or the Celeron will work. If you want to throw the Ethernet card in there as well, that would give you internet access. Assuming the power supply is compatible, all you have to do is put the new (relatively that is) motherboard in the Gateway case, and plug everything else back in (CD drive, optical drive, power cables, etc.) But I'll be slower than... a metaphorically... slow... thing... It might be possible that the video card is screwy on the Gateway, if you could get a hold of an old PCI video card then you could throw it in and see. That way you don't have to completely rebuild you machine. Good luck, fire away if you have any more questions.